A downloadable game for Windows

The Twins tells the tale of two siblings, Ethan and Emily, who have been fighting an incurable disease since their birth. Their only moments of happiness have been lived through fairy tales read by their parents before bedtime. They know that they will meet their fate soon, it's only a matter of time. In a last courageous attempt, Ethan and Emily escape in an imaginary world made entirely by themselves in which they will physically fight the disease.

Please note that the game is entirely in French. An English version is on its way.

Nicholas Chabot - Original idea, level design and art (@NickChabb)

Arnaud Guillard - Narrative designer (@AtomkaErg)

Virginie Lesiège - Narrative, level and game designer (@Vi_Lesiege)

Enzo Menegazzi - Game design and programming (@chlmera_)

Daphné Hejebri - Musics (@DaphneHejebri)


The Twins 366 MB

Install instructions

You will need an Xbox360 controller for a complete and better experience and a .zip extractor to get access to the game's executable.

Anything else you should know will be explained to you in game... In French.