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A small school project. Each student was tasked of creating a small game with three different puzzles.

As a big Ancient civilization/jungle lover, I went ahead with "The Cube", in which you are an explorer adventuring deep into the jungle in order to discover the secrets of a mysterious giant rotating construct. From a maze in the darkness to an ancient courtyard, you will explore three different levels to gain access to The Cube's entrance.

All the visuals and the coding were made by me. It's a very basic game that I made with tons of time constraints and limitations, but I'm proud of the results!

If you have any question, don't hesitate!

------- AKNOWLEDGEMENT -------

I own NO RIGHTS on the musics used in my game. They belong to Arenanet's Guild Wars 2 and Brandon Fiechter, an independant musician.

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The Cube 138 MB

Install instructions

You only need a keyboard and a mouse to play the game. The controls are explained during gameplay.